The Wahoo RFLKT is an external display that works in conjunction with the mobile app for iPhone and Android. Once paired with the app, it displays the ride metrics and navigation cues like a bike computer but allows you to keep your phone tucked away from the elements.

You can also pair Bluetooth devices to use at the same time like a Bluetooth earpiece so you can hear the turns, or a heart rate monitor.

The directions to pair the RFLKT are the same for both iPhone and Android app.

Ever since the firmware update of December 2015, we have found the RFLKT & RFLKT+ have become unstable in the pairing process even with Wahoo’s own app. Due to this instability, we have stopped selling the device in our online shop and some of our competitors have even stopped supporting it completely. If you are unable to get it working again, we recommend contacting Wahoo support for a replacement or return as we have returned our remaining stock to Wahoo for a refund.

Pairing the RFLKT

  1. Tap the hamburger button in the upper left corner
  2. Go to SETTINGS
  3. rflkt-settings
  5. mobile-settings-settings
  7. rflkt-bluetooth
  8. Tap one of the buttons on the RFLKT to wake it up, this also puts it into search mode.
  9. Tap SEARCH on the app to start the pairing process.
  10. rflkt-iphone-pair
  11. As the app and RFLKT start to communicate, a status bar will appear that says Loading Pages.
  12. rflkt-loading-pages
  13. Press the bottom right button on the RFLKT to confirm the pairing.
  14. rflkt-confirmation
  15. You’ll get a confirmation screen on the RFLKT to show that it is paired. After leaving the pairing screen, the RFLKT will turn off. This is normal.
  16. rflkt-connected
  17. Go back to the main app screen and tap Go Ride
  18. Press any button on the RFLKT to wake it, it will then reconnect to the app and give 3 blank spot to show it is ready to go.
  19. rflkt-blank-fields
  20. Tap the Record button to start the ride. After a couple of seconds the RFLKT will update its screen every two seconds.
  21. rflkt-recording

Navigation on the RFLKT

While using the Navigation feature, the RFLKT will show the cues for each turn.

You must be recording the ride for the RFLKT to stay on and cues to be spoken.


Update the Firmware

If you are using a new Wahoo RFLKT out of the box, you may need to update the firmware on the device before it will pair with the Ride with GPS mobile app.

  1. Install the Wahoo Utility from iTunes or the Google Play.
  2. Press one of the buttons on the RFLKT to wake it up.
  3. The utility will then pair with the device, determine the firmware, and prompt you to upgrade it.
  4. The firmware upgrade process can take 10-15 minutes and should not be disturbed.
  5. After the firmware upgrade is complete, try pairing the device with the Ride with GPS app.

RFLKT+ Support

The RFLKT+ model has its own internal thermometer and barometric pressure sensor for improved elevation accuracy. If your phone doesn’t have a barometric sensor, pair the RFLKT+ then enable the sensor under Settings > Bluetooth > Barometric Sensor.

Tips on using the RFLKT

  • The app must be recording a ride for the RFLKT screen to stay on. This includes while using navigation.
  • The RFLKT does not have a speaker, so make sure your phone has the sound turned up all the way so you can still hear the cues.
  • Some riders use headphones to listen to their cues in noisy environments. If you choose to ride with headphones, stay aware of your surroundings!
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