Do you blog about your rides? Do you have a website that you share rides and routes with your club or team? Our embed feature is a great way to share this information on your site with an interactive map and elevation profile. For those times when you want to embed many routes into a single page, use the Multi-route Embed feature.

Here’s how to embed the map into your blog or website by using our EMBED MAP feature:

  1. Select the ride or route you want to share on your website.
  2. Click SHARE in the upper right side panel next to the Pin, Boost and Facebook icons.
  3. Click EMBED MAP in the drop down list.
  4. embed-map-location
  5. Copy the HTML code that is shown in the pop-up by right clicking. Then, select COPY.
  6. Ride-Widget-Copy
  7. Paste the HTML code into your site or blog.
    • Depending on your blogging platform, you may have to paste this code in a TEXT or CODE editor. Use TEXT when using WordPress and CODE when using Blogger.

    Do not paste the code into the VISUAL editor for any blogging platform as this will end up displayed as a bit of code rather than an embedded map. Make sure to paste it into the Text, Code, or HTML view for the post or page.


In the sample embedded map below, you can:

  • click links to view the full route.
  • view the creator’s full profile page.
  • Pan and zoom.
  • Click & drag the elevation graph to select parts of the route.
  • Change map view.
  • See other metrics like heart rate, speed, and grade.
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