Share Rides & Routes more impactfully using interactive embeds

Custom embeds enable an enhanced level of functional engagement with shared rides and routes directly from your website.

Why Embed?

Embeds allow route creators, ride organizers, bloggers and effectively anyone sharing routes and rides on the web to do so in engaging, interactive and impactful ways. If that sounds like you, read on! Your viewers can pan and zoom around the map, view photos, explore topography, features and course highlights, examine elevation details, ride or route metrics and even send route files directly to devices without ever leaving your site.

Enhanced Utility & Custom Displays

Embedding enables your audience to engage with your rides and routes interactively while remaining on your platform. When embedded on your website, journal, blog or online catalog, displayed rides and routes come alive, allowing viewers to expand photo clusters and points of interest (POI) for more detailed information, toggle map overlays, explore elevation profiles and course metrics for a holistic understanding of the route or ride experience! Route embeds will also reflect distance notation and surface type, providing easy reference for paved vs. unpaved mileage at a glance.

Road surface type, photo thumbnails and elevation details are reflected in custom embed displays.

Interactivity for Viewers

Expand POI icons to reveal additional course information, photos, URL links and detailed descriptions. Hover on the elevation profile to reveal corresponding location data or highlight a selection for enhanced metrics on the selected area! Click Photo icons to view thumbnails — expand clustered thumbnails into carousel view for a better look. Pan and zoom to examine embedded rides and routes up close, using different map overlays to illuminate geography and course details

Click Photo icons to view clustered thumbnails and expand into carousel view to explore full frame.

Plan and share your adventures on the web using Ride with GPS’ powerful suite of tools. Share recorded rides and routes on your site using custom interactive embeds to give your viewers a firsthand feel for the experience. Create detailed Points of Interest (POI) and add photos to visually highlight all the scenic vistas, idyllic lunch spots and hidden trails along the way.