When the weather outside is less than ideal or when you must train indoors on rollers or a stationary bike, Premium members can still have stationary rides count toward their Ride with GPS career totals.

Find out more about our Premium Subscription to start using this feature today.

Use the mobile app for iPhone and Android, or your Garmin unit to record your ride to get the moving time, heart rate, speed, candence and/or power data, and we’ll track it with the rest of your rides.

When you are finished with your workout, save the ride in the app or upload the ride from your Garmin unit on the Upload page.

View the ride, then click the Edit link in the right side panel. This will open the ride details page.

Click the checkbox for “Stationary Ride?”.
Then click the SAVE button when you are finished.
Now the ride will count towards your totals but not have a map associated with it.
Hover your mouse pointer over any of the graphs to view more info.

Stationary Gear

You have a set of rollers or trainer that you want to track the miles it was used.

Setup a new piece of gear as a Stationary bike so that you can track your stationary rides by bike in the Ride Center and see a history of rides associated with that piece of gear.

Here’s an example of my trainer setup as a piece of gear and a stationary ride associated with it.

Recording with the app

To get distances recorded in the mobile app while using a trainer, I set up a Bluetooth Speed/Cadence sensor.

Under the SPEED section of the sensor, I entered my wheel’s circumference in millimeters.

Entering the circumference allows the app to calculate the distance you’ve pedaled.

With the wheel circumference entered for my speed sensor, the app records my mileage while spinning in the Ride with GPS office.
When finished:
Give the stationary ride a name.
Select the Stationary Trainer from my gear list.
Tap SAVE to finish.


Will I lose my map if I save a ride as a stationary ride?
Even if you save a ride as stationary, the map is preserved. Just uncheck the box and click the SAVE button to view your map again.
Why aren’t the miles of my trainer rides included in my career totals?
Your miles aren’t included if you set up your gear with the “exclude totals” boxed checked. Uncheck the “exclude from totals” box in your gear details to have the distances count again.
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