The Tour Operator account works much like a regular account, except it can be used by multiple people to administer routes, events, and tour participants for your tour company. It has its own list of routes, events, and can be used to plan new routes.

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Getting started with your Tour Operator account

First, fill out some details for your Tour Operator account. Write a description of your company and what kind of tours you offer, and add a profile picture and logo.

  • After you sign into your personal account, scroll down under the Profile tab to your Clubs section.
  • Your new Tour Operator page will have the Ride with GPS club icon by default until you upload a new logo.
  • Click on your new Tour Operator account name. This is the link you will click to access your Tour account going forward.

Set up your Tour Operator account profile

Your Tour Operator account profile page will be blank when you first open it, so add some info about your tour company, including contact info, links to your website, a logo, and a cover image.

Click the settings button.

Tour Operator Account Settings

You can set up your Tour Operator account with the following settings:

The name of your tour company.
A single sentence to describe your tour company.
Facebook URL:
(Optional) Paste in a link to your tour company’s Facebook page.
Twitter URL:
(Optional) Past in a link to your tour company’s Twitter account.
Contact Name:
The name of the club admin members should contact with questions.
Contact Email:
The email of the club admin members should contact with questions.
Logo Image:
A squared image of your club logo.
Cover Image:
A photo to represent your ridership.
Time Zone:
Sets the time zone used for event pages.
Only allow members with invite link to join club:
Riders can only join if they click the auto-approval link that is shared with them. Tour Operator accounts will generally only add members by sending auto-approval links via email, so we suggest keeping this option checked.
Require members to set a name and e-mail address:
This requires riders to provide a name and email address when joining a club or tour
Enable messages
Add a message board to share with account members.
Allow members to post messages
Allow all members to post messages to the Tour Operator account.
Enable Calendar & events:
Add a shared calendar to announce tours and other events.
Use metric units when signed into club:
The Tour Operator account preferences will override individual participants’ preferences when they view a tour route.

Tour Operator Description

As you type out your tour company description in the left-hand text box, you see a real-time preview of the formatted text in the box on the right. Highlight text, and then use the buttons above the text box to apply formatting. You can also type out the markdown codes if you are familiar with HTML.

This is where you will tell riders more about your tour company, including tours offered and how to sign up, contact info, and whatever else you feel needs to be included in your tour operator description.

Click the question mark to see a full list of available markdown codes.

Make sure to click the save button when you are finished with your changes.

Now that you have set up your Tour Operator account and configured the settings to your liking, the next step is to set up a Route Library.

Now move on to Part 2: The Tour Operator Account Route Library

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