Your Home page is the first thing you’ll see when you sign into the website. This is the same profile that is shared with other riders.


Left side tabs

Profile Tab

Under the Profile tab, you’ll find:

  • Your profile picture.
  • A link to Edit your Profile details.
  • Photos that have been uploaded with your rides.
  • Any Gear that you have set up, such as your bikes.
  • Groups that you have started or joined.
  • Events that you have created or have participated in.
  • Challenges that you have joined.
This is a list showing all your latest rides and status updates to share with your friends.
Whenever one of your friends posts a ride, it will show up in this feed. Here, you can also search for and add new friends.
As your friends post rides and routes, you’ll see a notification number appear next to the Friends tab.
New features, events, updates, and challenges will be announced and available in the news tab.

Career by the numbers

This is where all the mileage is tallied up and displayed. You can view by

  • Total
  • Year
  • Monthly
  • Weekly

Premium and Basic subscribers have access to the Ride Center which offers more stats and viewing options.

Rides & Routes

A list of your last 25 rides and routes are displayed on your profile.

  • Delete a ride or route.
  • Share via Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail.
  • Pin a ride or route for quick access.
  • Filter by name to find that fun ride that you want to share with a friend.

Links to your Ride Log, Routes, Search Routes, and your Bucket List.

The Bucket List is where you can add Ambassador routes for easy access and check them off as you complete the routes.


Displays the rides for the current month.
You can scroll to different months by clicking the left and right arrows.
Weekly totals will display at the right side of the calendar.
Scroll down to the bottom of the calendar to see totals for the month and to export a CSV of the activities. You can also find a link to input your Health Info so that you can get calculated calories for your rides.
Customize list of rides by placing check marks next to the following options:

  • Route Name
  • Distance
  • Elevation
  • Duration
  • Avg Speed
  • Power
  • Calories
  • Heart Rate
Scroll down on the calendar to see totals for the month, and the links to Export CSV and enter Health Information.
The Ride history that has been downloaded as a CSV file can then be imported into the spreadsheet program of your choice.


This is where you will find everything you have pinned on the web site. It is also where you can remove items from your pinned list.

Learn more about Pinning.


Here you will find all the segments you have created, been matched against, pinned, and matched against.
Click any segment name to see the leaderboard for that segment.
Learn more about Segments

Quick Search

Use the QUICKSEARCH to find rides or routes on your account or any public ride/route on the website. This will also include ambassador and public club routes.


Comment notifications and more will appear in the bell icon. An orange dot appears on the bell when there are new notifications to be seen.
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