Have you planned out a cool route you want to navigate using the mobile app available for iPhone and Android? We’ll show you how to start navigation and demonstrate what to expect while riding.

Our Premium and Basic subscribers unlock this feature for our iPhone and Android app.

Starting Navigation

  • Tap Routes to choose the route you want to navigate
Tap NAVIGATE to begin navigating your route.
Tap the Navigate button.
  • The app may take a moment to lock-on to your position. Once it is locked, your position will show on the map as a blue dot, and navigation will begin.
  • Once you start riding and get within 10-15 seconds from your first turn, you’ll get your first turn notification at the top of your screen. If you missed the voice announcement, you can replay it by pressing the replay icon in the bottom right corner of the notification.

Handlebar Mode (Android Only)

  • This feature allows the app to turn the screen on without having to unlock your device while navigating. Keeping the screen off as much as possible is a huge battery saver. Activate Handlebar Mode while recording a ride or using turn-by-turn navigation.
    • Screen On for Cues: The screen will turn on when nearing a turn. It will turn off automatically depending on  your system setting.
    • Keep Screen On: You can set it to Never, Only when Navigating, or Always On. Keeping the screen on all the time will drain the most battery power.
    • Lock Orientation: By default, the app will automatically rotate. This option will lock it in either Portrait or Landscape mode.

For iPhone:

While navigating a route on iPhone with the screen locked, we’ll flash the cues over the lock screen with text and voice for nearing cue (example: In a quarter mile, turn right) and at cue (example: Turn right onto 2nd Avenue).If you want to see the cue again, press the home button to turn on the screen.

The cue can be dismissed by swiping it and it will go away automatically after you have passed the cue.

Cues on Map

Prior to starting navigation or while navigating a route, swipe the metrics area to get to the cues.
Tapping a cue will display its location on the map.

Demonstrated on an iPhone: You can view the cues on the map after starting navigation. The Android version of the app behaves the same way.

Elevation profile

When viewing or navigating a route, you can swipe left and right to see more info like your elevation profile and all the cues.Learn more about interacting with the elevation profile on mobile.

While recording a ride, swipe the metrics to the left to view your current location on the elevation profile.

Off Course Notifications

If you wander off course then the app will give you a notification. It will give you a prompt as to the direction and distance to get yourself back to the course from where you left it.


Route Complete

When you have come to the end of a route, you’ll get one final chime notification and a prompt asking if you want to end navigation. Tapping yes means it will unload the route from the map but it will continue displaying your recorded track and continue recording until you tap the pause button and end the ride.


Route Line Colors

Routes with different track colors changed will also display the colors in the mobile apps. Depending on whomever planned the routes, these can sometimes indicate road conditions, caution areas, or just simply a different color than the default red.


Cues on the Lock Screen

As you start navigating and the cues start to play over the lock screen you can tap the cue for an expanded view of the text and directional arrow. You can also replay the last navigation cue.

  • On iPhone force touch the cue on the lock-screen to open up the lock-screen options and to replay the cue. Please note that Force-touch technology is only available on iPhone 6s or higher
  • On Android press “Replay” to hear the cue spoken again.


Navigation Settings

Be sure to check the navigation settings in the mobile app to make sure all the audible cues are enabled.

    1. Tap the icon in the upper left corner of the app screen to bring up the app drawer.
    2. Tap SETTINGS
    3. Then NAVIGATION

All the navigation settings will be enabled by default, but you can disable them to meet your needs.

      • Advance Cue warnings – Announce next cue after completion.
        Right after you complete a turn, if your next cue is some distance away the app will say “Turn left in a quarter mile”
      • Nearing cue warnings – Account cues when approaching.
        As you approach a turn, the app will let chime in around 10-12 seconds before the cue depending on how fast you are riding.
      • Imminent cue warnings – Provide hints for the next cue when it is very close to the current cue.
        Example: “In a quarter mile, turn left, then turn right.
      • Visual Alerts – Show cues over the map.
        This option will show the cue description in a box just over the map. Turn this option off to prevent the cue description from showing.
      • Audio Alerts – Emit beeps to announce cues.
        Turn this option off to eliminate all chimes indicating cues and warnings.
      • Spoken Alerts – Speak directions from cues.
        The app will use the phone’s text-to-voice to read the cues back to you. Disable this option to turn off the voice cues.
      • Off-course alerts – Play warning tone when off/on route. When you go off-course, the app will continue to chime at you every two minutes as a reminder that you are off course. Tap the X in the corner of the off-course notification to turn off this reminder.
    1. Cue Notifications: The app will automatically adjust the amount of time between the given cue notification and the actual turn. But you can give yourself a bit more time by selecting the EARLY option.


  • You must be recording a ride to use navigation. After you are finished riding you may opt to delete the ride or save it.
  • Custom Cues entered into the route using the Planning tool will be spoken during navigation.
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