Use the Ride with GPS mobile app on your phone for voice navigation to help guide you to your destination. Cycle with confidence as the on-screen cues and turn-by-turn navigation steer you towards the finish line.

Easy to follow

Turn-by-turn cues at the top of the navigation screen.

Create your own routes to navigate.

Plan your route on the web or with the mobile app.
Use the route planner on the web, or mobile app, to create your perfect route.

Navigate routes offline.

Upgrade your account to use Voice Navigation. Save routes to your phone and navigate anywhere in the world while using Offline Maps, even with no cell signal.

Mobile Cuesheet

View directions ahead of time to familiarize yourself with the route.

Handlebar Mode

Keep your screen on while navigating, or let your phone screen go to sleep and we’ll only wake it when you approach a turn.

Route Back to Course

Confidently ride into the unknown and let the app keep you on track.

Estimated Time

Get personalized estimated time when viewing, planning or navigating a route.

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