The Wahoo ELEMNT is a standalone GPS that is configured by a app on your smartphone. You can also configure the device to connect to a wifi network to sync routes that you have created on and navigate these routes using the LEDs on the face of the device and its built-in map.

Pairing with your phone

To use the Wahoo ELEMNT and routes from your Ride with GPS account, you’ll first need to pair the ELEMNT with the Wahoo ELEMNT companion app.

Authorizing your Account

After the Wahoo ELEMNT app is paired with the device, you will need to authorize to sync to your device:

  1. Tap PROFILE
  3. 1-elemnt-linked-accounts
  4. Select RIDE WITH GPS
  5. 2-elemnt-rwgps
  6. Enter the email address and password that you use to sign into
  7. If you created your account using the SIGN UP WITH FACEBOOK option, then you must follow these directions to change your account settings to include an email address.
  8. You’ll get prompt saying if your authorization was correct or not. If it doesn’t accept your password, sign into again to check your password is correct or to set a new password.
  9. 4-elemnt-success

Syncing Routes

Now that you have authorized the ELEMNT to sync to your account, here’s how you get all your routes to the device. Only the routes will sync to the device not the map styles or Points of Interest.

  1. Press the PAGE button in the lower right of the device until you get to the map and see ROUTE appear just above the lower left button.
  2. Press the left button to choose a route.
  3. Press the middle button to sync your routes. It will not automatically fetch any new routes you have created since the last time you have synced so you much go through this process each time you want to find newly created routes on your account.
  4. Select a route to start navigation!
  5. 5-elemnt-sync


Will my saved rides sync back to
As long as the app is authorized to sync to then rides recorded with the ELEMNT will sync back to your account.
Will these routes be available if not connected to Wifi?
The routes are available with or without wifi so long as they have synced to the device. The list of routes you see on the routes page have all downloaded to the device and are ready to navigate without a wifi connection.
How do I get additional help with my Wahoo ELEMNT?
For all other questions concerning the use of the ELEMNT Contact Wahoo Support
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