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Ride Clean Up Tools

Delete sections, trim ends, flatten elevation, split, and combine rides.

Estimated Time

Get estimated times for all your routes based on your personal ride history.

Unlimited Privacy Zones

Enable and disable as many Privacy Zones as you want, whenever you want.

Advanced Route Planning

Use our most advanced tools to create, edit, combine, split, and trace routes.

Turn-by-turn Navigation

Get turn-by-turn voice navigation for all routes using our mobile app for iPhone and Android.

Offline Maps

Get voice navigation and maps for all routes without the need for cellular service.

Print Custom Maps and Cue Sheets

Print out maps and cuesheets to use as backup or to go old-school.

Live Logging

Share your real-time location so your friends and family can follow you along, see your photos, and make encouraging comments.

Advanced Lap & Split Support

Ride a loop, set the start/finish, measure your performance for each lap without having to tap the lap key.

Stationary Ride Support

Sometimes weather doesn’t behave, train indoors but have your miles mean something.

Trace a ride to route

Turn any recorded ride into a route with turn-by-turn directions.

ANT+ Weight Scale Support

Wirelessly transfer your weigh-ins to your profile on the website.

Private Segments

Race against yourself and set up your own personal leaderboard.

Bike Maintenance Log

Keep a record of all your bicycle maintenance and make notes for future service.

Join Rides

Join two successive rides into one with combined tracks and metrics.


Create segments specific to your event and post leaderboards for post-event analysis.

The Ride Center

View more detailed reports of your riding habits and organize your rides.

Unlimited Backups

Backup all your ride data as often as you like. Your data is your data.

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