January 19, 2015

Ride with GPS Releases Offline Maps for iPhone and Android

Bicycle rides planned on the Ride with GPS website can now be navigated without cell service.

Portland, OR: Today, Ride with GPS, a software company for cyclists worldwide, announced the release of Offline Maps for their iPhone and Android mobile apps. Riders are now able to see their route on a detailed map and receive voiced turn-by-turn navigation without any cell signal. Offline Maps allows riders to take unfamiliar routes, knowing the map will be available if they lose service.

Of this milestone, Ride with GPS’s Kevin Prentice said, “Our mission at Ride with GPS is to create great cycling experiences. With Offline Maps, you can have the adventure of a new and exciting route without the worry of getting lost. The Ride with GPS app is now a viable substitute for a traditional cycling GPS unit.”

Ride with GPS released their iPhone and Android apps in 2014, and in that short time millions of miles have been logged. Prior to this release the apps had a mature feature set, including:

  • Geotagged photos, with support for any camera app
  • Support for Bluetooth and Bluetooth Smart accessories
  • Live Logging, allowing friends & family to see your ride-in-progress with photo previews
  • Voiced turn-by-turn navigation for any route planned on the website

About Ride with GPS

Ride with GPS is a cycling software company based in Portland, OR. Founded in 2007, Ride with GPS has established itself as the preferred route planning website of bicycle clubs and events, and the first choice for cyclists focused on experiencing and sharing great bicycle rides.

Ride with GPS Apps

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