OSM Maps for Garmin GPS Units

Supported units: Garmin Edge 705, 800 and 810, 1000, Garmin Oregon and Montana handhelds, Garmin GPSMap 60 and 62 handhelds as well as eTrex 20/30 handhelds. Some other units may be supported as well. If your GPS unit supports CityNav or other Garmin map products, these microSD cards will work. Additionally, these maps are a Topo style map, meaning they include relief lines at higher zoom levels. These cards are not useful for inputting destination addresses into the device in order to rely on the GPS to route you, which means this card might not work in a Nuvi or other car GPS units.

We have maps for the entire world, map coverage is generally excellent inside the US and Western Europe. If you would like to know how well your area is covered, our "RWGPS" styled maps present in our route planner are drawn using the same OpenStreetMap data as the cards. Change the maps in the route planner by selecting the Map drop down in the upper right corner of the map, choosing "RWGPS". Pan the map around your city/region to see if the OSM data covers where you ride. Please do this before ordering maps for use in Central/South America, Eastern Europe or Africa. Coverage in those places is generally good around cities, but can be spotty in rural areas.

See this map for area coverage.
Note: Allow 5 business days from shipment for delivery. International delivery can take 2-4 weeks.

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