The Bells at Staines

The Swan Marker at Staines
Two Steve’s, two Alan’s, two Tony’s, Stuart, Jean, Cliff, Alec, Margaret, Don, Geoff, Ray, Roy and John.
We left Uxbridge with the promise of a dry day ( i.e. no rain) and headed for Horten Bridge and Stanwell. Shortly after leaving the hole in Stuart’s front inner tube seemed to appear again. Tony C, stopped Stuart contacting the Samaritans and agreed to stop with him, talk him down and fix the problem. Amidst well intended advice the leader pressed on to the tea stop at Vermeulens. So popular was it that the hosts invited us to have drinks outside. The leader encouraged an extended break due to the stage to the lunch stop was very short.
Heartened by the arrival of Tony and Stuart we zipped off towards Staines. The leader skirted the rear of Staines town, crossing a un-barriered rail track. This was testing and all safely measures were employed by the leader. At the Thames we came across the statue of the Swan Marker . As one can see from the photo Stuart attempting the ancient custom of Swan Upping.
The Bells provided an excellent timely lunch. It was difficulty to tear ourselves away as we directed ourselves to Moor Lane and a pleasant greenway leading to Poyle, crossed the A4 to Old Slade Lane and Thorney Park Golf Cub. We inspected the venue closely as we would be there in a few weeks at the Christmas bash. At this point we dispersed with the majority heading along the cycle trails to Little Britain and home.

Starts in: London, England, GB
Distance: 25.2 mi
Elevation: +491 / -492 ft

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