Doe Lake Loop (40km)

A punchy mix of dirt and pavement that will feel like more than 40km. Recommend clockwise travel to make the most of the climbs the route has to offer. Expect two grinding climbs after Katrine. The first after the 90 degree left away from Little Doe (some call the SoHoMishenberg) and then find a short reprieve before the Masonberg immediately after crossing the 518. The Masonberg, a short start on pavement quickly turns to dirt road and an incredibly steady gradient. Attack over the top to ruin your friend's day and then perform your best Cancellara impression as you turn right and press on over dirt rollers back to the sanctuary of pavement and HWY 518. Twisty technical roads, a steady rotation of dirt and pavement, punchy climbs and low traffic. This route fights back. Make the ride more civil by turning right onto 518 to avoid the Maseonberg and swap dirt for nice HWY 518 pavement. This route features multiple sharp corners after gradients or surface transitions - ride within your abilities.

Starts in: Ontario, CA
Distance: 40.3 km
Elevation: +432 / -426 m

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