Seven riders Jean, Don, Steve, Bernie John, Stuart and the leader John set off on a day that storms and rain were forecast. The prediction was correct. The long ride was altered to avoid muddy tracks . Passing through Eaton School we studied the Statue of Perseus with the head of the Gorgon Medusa. Jean was especially interested in the Perseus’s clothing (See pic) tea was at the Windsor Coach station. We sheltered in Windsor Great Park under a sturdy oak. The rain persisted so unfortunately we agreed that we should defer visiting the RAF Memorial until a future ride. Even so we arrived late for lunch and appreciated somewhere dry. John and Don had avoided lunch and headed home. The rain persisted after lunch and we agreed to head home the quickest route possible. Unfortunately Steve had a puncture which he expertly fixed. Passing through Dachet and after Iver we dispersed. It was a shame it was such a rainy day, still we had fun.
Quote of the Day: Bernie. '' I've lived on artichokes for years''

Starts in: London, England, GB
Distance: 29.5 mi
Elevation: +734 / -740 ft

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