Marlow and Quarry Rd.

What a good start, eleven determined riders set out with Ange being picked up by the Bull……. Pushing through to Beaconsfield via the usual route we detoured a little and landed in the Wyevale Garden centre. Christmas had come early and amongst our hot beverages, decorations were being hung.
Skirting the A40, Woburn Green we passed thro Bourne End on tarmac. After mounting the cycle path Stuart whilst singing hit overhanging flora and hit the path. A grazed knee and damaged wrist were reported. (tough stuff)
A great green way named Pound Lane took us to the footbridge over the Marlow by-pass. Some decined to carry and went round the long way, but still beat us.
Over the Marlow Donkey level crossing to Marlow town and the lunch stop the George and Dragon. A window seat table was laid out; delicious food was served very quickly and almost simultaneously.
Stuart first served received a new plastic £5 note, which he boasted about excessively. (see pic) The leader keen, to have one, as well asked the Polish waitress for one and proffered and old note. She came back with an old note saying, ‘Dat ist de newist von ve ave….’ Failed. Nonetheless a warm thanks was given to the manager and staff. Anne had had enough and left us making the flimsy excuse of going to visit her mum.
Photos were taken by the bridge and we hurried across. Avoiding the steep hill to Cookham and went via Quarry Rd. At this point Steve was stung by a wasp. Doses of unguents were applied and a soothing effect was noted. Over the top through Cookham to Maidenhead, we turned on to the end of the Jubilee way and followed it through to Slough.
The Leader upon advisement wished to have the tea stop at the Farlow’s Lake Café but was usurped by Margaret. Pleasingly this was an excellent choice as she directed us to Wingrove’s farm shop. (see pics)
We scoffed on Apple sponge cake and went home. Happy days.

Starts in: London, England, GB
Distance: 40.3 mi
Elevation: +1170 / -1169 ft

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