HMSC; ... Morning Drive in northwestern Loveland; ...: SW

Southwesterly, (SW), route with rally just south of "Trek Bicycle," Harmony Market Shopping Center, (HMSC), in a parking lot; Lemay Avenue; ... Skyway Drive; ... northwestern Loveland: 57th Street, westbound; Wilson Avenue; 29th Street; Rio Blanco Drive, southbound; 22nd Street, westbound; Cascade Avenue, southbound; Eisenhower Boulevard [U.S.34], far right shoulder, westbound; Morning Drive, northbound; 22nd Street, eastbound through barrier at 'dead-end'; Monte Vista Circle; 22nd Street, eastbound; Cascade Avenue, northbound; Rio Blanco Drive, northbound; ... 57th Street, eastbound; ... HMSC.

Starts in: Fort Collins, CO, US
Distance: 25.2 mi
Elevation: +852 / -850 ft

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