ABC Think Spring 2018 v1.4 Official

2018: Possibility there will continue to be 'ROAD CLOSED' signs on Ravenna Road on the way to Towner's Woods/Portage Bike trail. Ignore them. (bridge and railroad track construction at Ravenna road heading over to Brady Lake road)

I changed the return leg in Kent and Brady Lake to avoid Cox Avenue. Routed through KSU Campus via the Esplanade trail and then over to Crain Avenue. --- I need to check some other roads and 'passage ways' on campus.

2017: over simplified cuesheet to avoid possibility of various confusing intersections.

Clarified 'how long' the multipurpose trail segments are to ease the mind of new riders.

Also indicated high traffic, rough road surface and a hill climb areas where needed.

2016: Something a little different for Think Spring long route.

Starts in: Stow, OH, US
Distance: 35.4 mi
Elevation: +1241 / -1246 ft

Cue sheet


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