From the park, the route is out Pozo Road to Pozo. There is a hard climb of one or two miles, then downhill and rolling to the Pozo Saloon. Take a pause for a breather there. Or maybe lunch. This is not a vegetarian hangout. Look at the old photos on the walls. One shows a local hanging. Gander up at the ceiling. Former customers did a clever thing. They somehow stuck dollar bills up there. Ask how it was done. On departure continue onward on Pozo Road to a left on Parkhill Road. You will find rolling stuff on Parkhill to a left on Las Pilitas Road. This presents a climb, then a long downhill to a right on Pozo Road and a return to Santa Margarita. Good sandwiches await at the deli.

Starts in: Santa Margarita, CA, US
Distance: 40.4 mi
Elevation: +2659 / -2659 ft

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