H.L.; ... Masonville; ... "Sunrise Ranch"; ... "Sedona Hills"; ... Glade Rd; ...: SW & CCW

A southwesterly and counterclockwise (CCW & SW) loop.
Fort Collins, near "Harmony Library" (H.L.), Front Range Community College campus: ... Larimer County Road 38E; Masonville; ... County Road 29 through "Sunrise Ranch" and past "Sedona Hills" subdivision; County Road 12; ... through "Mariana Buttes Golf Course" on Rossum Drive, Loveland; U.S.34; ... Glade Road, northbound; County Road 38E; Harmony Road; Front Range Community College campus, Fort Collins.

Starts in: Fort Collins, CO, US
Distance: 50.5 mi
Elevation: +2979 / -2979 ft

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