Parkfield Loop

The ride from San Miguel to Parkfield is a gradual climb on Vineyard Canyon Road culminating in at good ascent and quick downhill and gentle last few miles into Parkfield. The lovely little town of Parkfield with its monuments to the San Andras Fault is known as the earthquake capital because of the many earthquakes it has had over the years. The cafe is a delight with the old-time pictures on the walls.
The ride from Parkfield on Cholome Valley Road to Highway 46 is quite pretty as the open farmlands are replaced with wooded terrain. The road is not too wide, but the traffic is practically non-existent.
Take care when riding on Highway 46. Half of the shoulder is taken by rumble strips - and accidentally running into these strips is a jarring (and sometimes dangerous) experience. You can rest and refresh in the little village of Shandon.
Once you leave Highway 46 you ride over gently sloping terrain on country roads through the farms and vineyards of northern San Luis Obispo county on your way back to San Miguel.

Starts in: San Luis Obispo, CA, US
Distance: 71.7 mi
Elevation: +3026 / -3025 ft

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