This route begins with the longest climb in the area - 2,700 feet up Nacimiento Fergusson Road. While long, this hill is not too steep. If you are patient you'll get to the top. This road winds its way up the face of the mountain offering fabulous viewing of the coastline far below. Eventually, you reach the pine trees which fill the hills as you approach the summit, about 7 miles from the start.
Now there is a steep descent of about four miles to several campgrounds on your right as you continue through the forested land.
Eventually, you leave the pines forests behind as you enter a flatter, oak covered terrain, doted with occasional ponds. The route ends at the Hacienda - a villa built by William Roudolf Herst to entertain his guests.
The first 15-miles of the return features a gentle climb thourgh the oak-covered fields. Then it's back to the pine forests and a 1,200 foot climb to the summit. The final 7 miles is down the steep face of the mountain. Stop along the way and take in the view.

Starts in: Monterey County, CA, US
Distance: 52.7 mi
Elevation: +5394 / -5397 ft

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