RA Day 2: Ohiopyle to Cumberland

Breakfast at the general store. We usually head down to the falls for a photo-op, and then back to the station to rejoin the trail. Ten miles in we hit Confluence. The trail becomes paved for a very brief bit, we go under a road and when we come up on the other side we actually circle around to cross the river on the road/bridge. A hundred yards or so on the other side of the bridge is the entrance to the Allegheny Highlands Trail, towards Myersdale.

In another 10 miles we cross a very picturesque bridge over the Castleman river. Good photo-op. 10 miles after that is the Maynard Sembower memorial hut - first rest stop and toast to Maynard Sembauer. In 12 more miles (roughly 42 on the odometer) we come into Myersdale, which is where we stop for lunch.

Once again, it’s the old train station that lets you know you’re there. When you get to the road at the end of the station, turn right and go down the hill (you’ll cross real RR tracks). On the right is the GI Dayroom Coffee Shop (weird name, but good food), for lunch.

After lunch, ride back up the hill (sorry) to continue on the trail. We have about 10 more miles of a slow grind uphill until we hit the Mt. Savage Tunnel. After that, it’s all down hill!! The Savage Tunnel has some lights, but beware, there are another couple of smaller tunnels WITH NO LIGHTS, so have your light on BEFORE you start tearing down that hill (because you won’t want to stop to turn it on).

The trail takes you all the way into Cumberland and will end at the C&O Canal visitor center (look for Mule statue), where we will pick up the canal the next day. Head farther down the trail and look for the Marriott Fairfield Inn - check in.

Starts in: Fayette County, PA, US
Distance: 73.4 mi
Elevation: +2678 / -3285 ft

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