About us

We empower people to get outside, reconnect with nature, and embark on two-wheeled adventures.

Who We Are

We launched Ride with GPS in 2007, over 10 years ago! We have not taken any outside funding and are proudly cash-flow positive. We are running a long-term, sustainable business, delivering value to thousands of cyclists all over the globe.

Where We Started

Ride with GPS was founded by two guys that love writing cool software and riding their bikes: Zack Ham and Cullen King. What started as a years-long hobby project has become a dream job with an incredible team of intelligent and passionate cyclists.

Our job is to get our users to go on better rides, more often. Zack and I have loved every minute of the last ten years, helping our users with anything and everything, and we look forward to the next 10 years.

Cullen King – Founder

Our team

These are the folks that dream up ways to make cycling better through technology.

  • Cullen King
    Founder, 2007
  • Zack Ham
    Founder, 2007
  • Kevin Purdy
    Lead Mobile Engineer, 2013
  • Kevin Prentice
    Director of Marketing, 2013
  • Tomas Quiñones
    Quality Assurance, 2014
  • Chad Smoot
    Content Manager, 2015
  • Will Laubernds
    Director of Organizations
  • Arthur Jones
    Mobile Engineer, 2017
  • Jordan Faulds
    Product Operations Director
  • Brian Hanley
    Director of Customer Support
  • Molly Sugar
    UI/UX Designer, 2017
  • Chris Tilt
    Mobile Engineer, 2017
  • Ken Luke
    Mobile Engineer, 2018
  • Alex Gay
    Organizations Account Manager
  • William Eichelberger
    Frontend Engineer, 2018
  • Jean Moniatte
    Backend Engineer, 2019
  • Ryan Forsythe
    Mobile Engineer, 2019
  • Leah Benson
    Copywriter, 2020

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