Ride with GPS Global Ambassadors

We're on a mission to build a global community of riders who create and share routes, discover new adventures, and go on better rides, more often.

Our Ambassadors are longtime friends and trusted experts who are here to share stories from their globe-trotting adventures, introduce you to your new favorite route, and offer tips for making the most of Ride with GPS.

They are master route planners, gravel racing enthusiasts, bikepackers, community builders, roadies, commuters, ultra-endurance racers, and, most importantly, they all share a passion for cycling and a commitment to inspiring others to get out there and ride.

Meet the Ambassadors

Ted King

Ted King is a former WorldTour professional cyclist turned gravel racer and multi-faceted ambassador for the general sport of cycling. King stepped away from ten years of professional road cycling in 2015, and inadvertently dipped his toe into the then burgeoning world of gravel. He has since won races like the now-called Unbound, SBTGRVL and Grinduro, and become quite an industry leader. He’s a co-owner of the sports nutrition company UnTapped, co-founder of Rooted Vermont, board member of organizations like Mountain Bike Afghanistan, and the leader of the King Challenge charity bike ride, which benefits adults with brain injury. King shares his adventures with his wife, Laura, and daughter, Hazel.

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Shequaya Bailey

Shequaya is a member of The Black Foxes, a collective of cyclists who aim to control their own narratives. She has been cycling consistently since Spring 2011 as a commuter and then began dabbling in bicycle racing in approximately 2014. Since that time she has raced bikes for several different teams but has recently joined LaPrima Espresso Company Race Team. In her spare time, Shequaya is the President of the Pittsburgh Major Taylor Cycling Club (PMTCC), MajorForce Youth Mentor, a United Way Be-A-Middle-School Mentor (BAMSM) at Westinghouse High School, Pittsburgh Youth Leadership Mentor, and sits on the Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group Board. Shequaya works at Grounded Strategies as the Director of Operations. She is a native of Pittsburgh who graduated from Peabody High School and attended Pennsylvania State University to study Health Policy and Administration and earned her Bachelor of Science degree. She has her Master in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix.

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Kait Boyle

World Champion and record-holding ultra-endurance mountain biker, Kait found bikepacking and adventure cycling in the midst of a 12 year career teaching expeditionary adventure education. She has bikepacked on self-designed routes on five continents, in search of the biggest, best mountain riding. Her passion for bikepacking and connecting people to landscapes inspired co-founding Bikepacking Roots, the only national 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to Bikepacking. Kait strives to connect bike inspired adventures with the landscapes through which we ride and believes that without a map, you’re either lost or not going far enough from home. Discovering new-to-her trails, connecting landscapes, and filling in her mental map of her home are all what inspires her to ride and seek new ways to go.

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Chas Christiansen

Chas is a lifelong cyclist, who turned his passion into a job working for 10 years as a bike messenger in North America. From racing track bikes through crowded city streets to long solo tours on a fully loaded MTB, Chas is constantly searching for the stoke. Based in California's Bay Area, Chas spreads his time between bike racing, travel, his logistics software company and his artistics pursuits. A love of the outdoors and the freedom and peace that can be found there drives Chas outside more often than not, from bikepacking trips to long days exploring in the saddle, he can be found outside exploring.

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James Hayden

James enjoys pushing himself to dark places. He only got into cycling at the age of 20, becoming involved with a road race team. After a few years and looking for a greater challenge he moved on to ultra endurance racing. Having cut his teeth racing solo and unsupported on tarmac, he has recently shifted his focus to off-road events. With two first place finishes in The Transcontinental Race and multiple top 5s in off-road events, he simply loves to ride bikes hard. When not racing, he can be found getting lost and scouting cool new trails in the mountains - being outside is where he feels at home.

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Kurt Refsnider

Kurt has been infatuated by bikes and long rides since his early teenage years, and little has changed in the subsequent two decades aside from the rides generally getting longer and through more remote country whenever possible. The world of bikepacking and ultra racing captured his attention in 2007 as he tired of the cyclocross circuit, and since then he's won and/or set records in Tour Divide, the Arizona Trail 300 and 750, the Colorado Trail Race, the Iditarod Trail Invitational 350, and many more ultra events. But the long backcountry tours have been the most impactful on his life, and those inspired the creation of Bikepacking Roots, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the bikepacking community and the places we ride. Kurt holds a Ph.D. in Earth Science and was a professor for six years before shifting his focus to being squarely on bikes and the empowering experiences they offer.

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Laura Scott

Laura Scott is a Canadian ultra-endurance cyclist. After spending the last 13 years in London England, she recently moved to Barcelona, Spain. In 2016 she took part in a solo unsupported bike race across the US called the Trans Am Bike Race, completing 2,200 miles with a dislocated shoulder and fractured collarbone after being hit by a car on day one. She has also taken part in numerous other long-distance events including the Bryan Chapman memorial (620km in 26 hours across Wales and back), the Trans Atlantic Way around the very hilly coast of Ireland, Lands end to John O'Groats and the Northcoast 500. Laura is still keen on racing, but with the pandemic, she is hoping to spend much of 2021 exploring Spain and weekend backpacking adventures. Laura hopes to inspire more women to take up cycling and give endurance racing a go by sharing her adventures.

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Sarah Swallow

Sarah uses her bicycle as a tool for well-being, community connection, and relating to the natural landscapes she travels through. She grew up in the suburbs outside of Cincinnati, Ohio, but these days splits time between Durango Colorado, Elgin Arizona, and any far flung place around the world she is pedaling her bike and pitching her tent. As a professional adventure cyclist, route maker, storyteller, organizer, and consultant, she is passionate about sharing the knowledge she gains from her experiences working with and traveling by bicycle with others. While she enjoys all forms of riding a bicycle, her favorite disciplines are bike touring, gravel racing/riding, and mountain biking. She especially enjoys all of these disciplines when she is researching and testing new routes to share with her community. Her latest projects have been organizing Ruta Del Jefe, which is an adventure cycling event created to raise awareness of the environmental and humanitarian crises occurring in the borderlands of Southern Arizona and developing a cycling outreach program for the Appleton-Whittell Research Ranch. You can read the many stories Sarah has written about her travels and lifestyle on her website; and you can find her route guides published on Bikepacking.com and in Lonely Planet’s Epic Rides of the Americas.

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