Modern Linux Systems Engineer

Come join our growing team and work the full stack, from hardware to containers.

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The Opportunity

Our website and mobile apps are backed by a rack of 14 machines in Portland, Oregon. We are looking for someone who lives within 2 hours of Portland to both maintain our machines as well as deploy container based workloads on top of them.

Our apps are complicated and require extensive computation on and storage of GIS data, and we have found deploying our own servers to be the right balance between cost, performance, and maintenance, though we are continually evaluating these decisions as we grow. We host a variety of services that make heavy use of memory, disk IO, storage space. Our infrastructure currently hosts a mix of services deployed direct to Ubuntu Server, as well as within containers, and we are in the process of building out the next iteration our infrastructure using modern container orchestration tooling.

We are looking for someone with experience speccing and managing physical machines and their network, and that has experience working directly with Linux. Among other things, the right candidate understands how to measure, analyze, and tune performance characteristics of Linux disk, memory, and task schedulers. They understand best practices like redundant network cards and LAGs. However most of the job is not managing physical machines, but maintaining the services running on them. It's important that the right candidate either has experience with modern container tooling (kubernetes, swarm, nomad, etc) or can demonstrate the ability to come to speed quickly with container technologies.

Some technology that we use:

  • Most machines are AMD Epyc, between 64 and 128 cores per machine, lots of memory and fast disk. Bonded 25gbe network for all machines.
  • Ubuntu Server Edition
  • Ansible
  • MySQL / MariaDB
  • nginx
  • Redis
  • Elastic Search
  • Ceph (object store with S3 style frontend, image store for VMs)
  • Postfix (we do all email in-house, both inbound processing and outbound)
  • OpenStreetMap rendering stack (mapnik, postGIS, planetiler for vector map solutions)
  • GraphHopper for routing
  • Docker, docker-compose for dev environments
  • Kubernetes - evaluating for potential use for all production workloads
  • Jenkins for CI and automated testing
About Us

The Company

Ride with GPS has been a founder-led company since 2007, continuously focused on one simple mission: To inspire you to go on better rides, more often. Over the years we have developed a full-featured web and mobile product that’s all about bike routes — planning, discovering, navigating, sharing, and much more. We have deep ties to the world of bikes and feel a responsibility to continue innovating and showing people what’s possible when you combine passion, expertise, and humility.

Our website is used to plan bike routes and events, manage bike clubs, analyze ride data, and publish great rides. Our companion app is a bike computer, route navigator, and ride recorder. Within the cycling world, we serve weekend riders, clubs, event organizers, tour operators, and racers. We are committed to not running any ads on the site or in the app, and are able to maintain a singular focus on serving cyclists.

Our business is bootstrapped, profitable, and growing.

The Team

We are cyclists. We are explorers. We are artists. We are writers. We are parents. We are friends. We are a group of people with diverse interests who lead healthy, balanced lives and are all very passionate about what we do. By joining Ride with GPS, you will become a part of a team that helps millions of people have a great time on their bikes.


We offer a competitive salary as well as health, dental and vision insurance, and a 401k with a 10% match. We strongly believe in testing our own software, and as a result are more than happy to help defray some of the costs of cycling, including offering a one-time new bicycle stipend as well as an annual bike supply budget.

Ride with GPS is working remotely and offers a generous stipend for setting up a home office. We have an office in Portland, OR that staff is welcome to use as desired.

What's Next?
How to Apply

Email with your resume, your portfolio, and a cover letter that includes an overview of any work relevant to the position. If you have a personal connection to bikes, we’d love to hear about this as well. We'll respond in a timely manner and move things forward for promising candidates.

Ride with GPS is committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming workplace for all members of our staff. We believe having a diverse team makes our product and our company better, and we are working to ensure our reality reflects those ideals. We invite applicants of any race, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical ability or limitation, religion, or background to apply.

Don't tick off every single box with qualifications, but still think you’d be a good fit for this position? Great, pitch us! We encourage you to apply and explain the experience you’d bring to the table.