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Mobile Features

Whether it’s audio or visual navigation you’re looking for, or the ability to plan routes on the go, our mobile app can help. With offline maps, you can navigate your ride in airplane mode, or ride with confidence in areas with no data services. Let your friends and family follow along with your ride by enabling Live Logging.

Mobile Route Planner

Plan new routes, and edit existing routes, on the go from the app.

Turn-by-turn Navigation

Get turn-by-turn voice navigation for all routes using our mobile app for iPhone and Android.

Offline Maps

Get voice navigation and maps for all routes without the need for cellular service.

Estimated Time

Get estimated times for all your routes based on your personal ride history.


With the press of a button, explore an area you want to ride and Inspect the routes go through it.

Personal Heatmap

View all of your saved rides on top of the map. Find the roads you haven’t ridden before.

Global Heatmap

Check out popular areas to ride by turning on the Global heatmap overlay in the app.

Live Logging

Share your location so friends & family can follow along, see photos, and make encouraging comments.

Unlock additional website features

Round out your navigation experience with printed maps, and advanced turn notification on Garmin units.

Print Custom Maps and Cue Sheets

Print out maps and cuesheets to use as backup or to go old-school.

Bike Maintenance Log

Keep a record of all your bicycle maintenance and make notes for future service.

Advanced Turn Notifications

Set a notification distance in meters for an upcoming turn when exporting a TCX Course file.

Unlimited Privacy Zones

Enable and disable as many Privacy Zones as you want, whenever you want.