What’s the difference between the Edge 205 vs Edge 305

Both units are essentially the same. The only difference is the Edge 305 incorporates a much more accurate barometric pressure based altimeter. The 205 uses GPS data for elevation, which is very inaccurate with errors up to 30meters. When using a 205, we recommend you correct the elevation data from the unit using our elevation data to get the most accurate results.

Garmin Edge 305 Cycling Computer

Which file should I use?

An Edge 305 can use a TCX, a GPX Route or a GPX Track. They all have their pros and cons, so read each description carefully to understand which file format is best for you. I would strongly recommend trying each format on a simple test route around your neighborhood in order to get a solid feel for the pros/cons before using it for actually navigating a ride.

GPX Tracks

Breadcrumb trail only, no turn notificationsThis is a good format if you are interested in occasionally referencing the map, and getting notifications if you get off course. There are no actual turn notifications, so this is a bare bones format. It’s useful for anyone, but it’s your preference if you prefer referencing the map occasionally, or if you want to be explicitly notified when to turn.

GPX Routes

Turn notifications, no actual breadcrumb mapThis file format only contains the cuesheet entries, so there is no actual map drawn. It may look like it, but the map is just straight lines between each cuesheet entry, so isn’t useful. You will be notified when you come to a cuesheet entry, but that’s it. Not useful for referencing a map or anything like that, you just get an occasional beep. Some people prefer this format as opposed to the GPX Track.


Training aid as well as map breadcrumbThis format will show a map of your route, and you will get notifications of you go off course like the GPX Track. Additionally, when we release training features, this will be a good format for working with the Virtual Partner and making time goals.

A Premium membership with Ride with GPS makes it even easier to get cue sheets on your Garmin. Not a Premium User? Find out more about our Premium Plan.

OK, so how do I get the file on my GPS?

Better information coming soonGarmin Training Center doesn’t support GPX files, so you will need to either use Garmin Basecamp (free from garminĀ here) or a program such as GPS Babel. I have used both with success – for non technical people, BaseCamp might be the better option.

Once transferred to the GPS unit, a GPX Route or Track will be available under the Menu “Navigation -> Routes”.

A TCX file will be available under “Training->Courses”.

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