Garmin Edge 500 Tips and Tricks

The Edge 500 is a cyclist favorite, when a slim and simple design is more important than having every possible feature. While the Edge 500 may miss some of the mapping functionality provided by its more expensive sibling, the Edge 800, it provides more than enough features to satisfy even the most demanding athlete. Benefits of the Edge 500 include:

  1. Light weight design
  2. Multiple bike and rider profiles
  3. Tanita BC-1000 ANT+ wireless scale support
  4. Virtual partner/racer support. Create your own workout and get alerts while riding!
  5. Power capable, including upcoming new left/right pedal based power meters.


Garmin Edge 500 Cycling Computer

Turn by turn directions using a TCX Course

An Edge 500 can use a TCX course file, exported from any mapped or previously ridden ride. If the TCX course file comes from a route which has a cuesheet, you will get turn by turn directions while riding the course. If the file is exported from an existing ride, the virtual partner will follow the existing ride’s times. If it comes from a route drawn with our bike route planner the virtual partner times will be off. Unfortunately, you cannot turn off the Virtual Partner on the Edge 500.

A Premium membership with Ride with GPS makes it even easier to get cue sheets on your Garmin. Not a Premium User? Find out more about our Premium Plan.

OK, so how do I get the file on my GPS?

The directions are easy enough depending on your level of comfort on your computer. I am assuming you can plug in the Edge, open up a folder to view its contents, and drag a file to a folder.

So, to start, export a GPX Track (no cuesheeet or turn directions) or a TCX (custom cues) to your local computer.

Plug in the GPS unit and open the folder to view the contents. It will have a Garmin directory, which you should open up. Inside the Garmin directory, there will be several folders/files.

One of these should be “NewFiles”. If it doesn’t exist, you’ll need to create it by right-clicking and selecting “new folder” or something similar (depending on your computer). Make sure you get the capital.

Once the folder is created or if it already exists, drag the exported file you saved from our site, to the “NewFiles” folder.

Now, safely remove the device (like you would a USB flash drive, by clicking the ‘remove device’ or ‘stop device’ icon in the lower right corner of your computer screen. again, this is operating system dependent).

Unplug the device, turn it on and head to the Courses menu item. Your file should be in there.


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