Long White Rock Lake Loop

Dallas County, TX, US

Route Overview

Jan Bennett


16 mi.
522 ft.

Most people already know about the White Rock lake loop, which is 9-11 miles (depending on if you add in some climbing on Loving on the south west side of the lake). This loop takes you along much of the same route, but adds in a few miles to the north for a bit longer loop while adding in just a tad more climbing. The route is on both the trail (closed to motor vehicles) and on very lightly traveled residential roads. There are two bike shops on the route to help with any issues you may encouter. There are also two convenience stores, a number of public water fountains, as well as a number of bathroom facilities. I have not marked all water fountains or bathrooms as there are plenty along the route.

I have the route starting at a specific point, if only for ease of route mapping. There are parking spaces all along the lake so feel free to start the route where ever you can park.

Of note: I have added in the famous Loving climb to this route for those looking for a bit longer loop with a bit more climb. If you wish to bypass the climb, you can do so by going straight on Winsted Dr then take a right on Tokalon Dr, followed by a left on W Lawther Dr. This will put you back on the route.

The route is generally very smooth, with only one exception: Easton road right after you cross over Loop 12 but before the school. It's all very rideable.

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