The Ride with GPS mobile app for Android utilizes your device’s text-to-speech engine to read back turn-by-turn navigation cues. Should your android phone not always play back these cues you may need to change the text-to-speech engine to Google’s text-to-speech engine. The color and look of the settings may vary between Android devices, but the setting itself is the same between models.

  1. Go to the SETTINGS of your phone. It’ll look like a gear icon.
  2. Go to System OR Languages and Input
  3. Go to Advanced
  4. Go to Text-To-Speech Output
  5. Under “Preferred Engine” Choose GOOGLE TEXT-TO-SPEECH.

Now that you have switched to the Google Text-to-Speech engine, feel free to tweak the voice settings to your desire. These settings will affect how the turn-by-turn navigation cues will be read back to you so use at your discretion.