Yes, you are welcome to use Ride with GPS outside of the U.S. In fact, you can find routes and rides from other users all around the world on our site. What’s more, you can use the FIND page to discover great places to ride all over the globe. Traveling somewhere soon? Look up routes in the area you’ll be visiting to plan an awesome route ahead of time. And don’t forget to add a few more before you return home!

Check out the FIND page of our website to locate rides and routes in YOUR area.
The Ambassador Directory spans all over the world and is continually expanding.

What about China?

China is the only area where you may run into accuracy issues where your track doesn’t match the map. You can still record your rides with the mobile app or GPS but the tracks may be a bit off.

Learn more about GPS Offset in China:

Now, get out there and ride!

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