What’s the difference between the Edge 205 vs Edge 305

Both units are essentially the same. The only difference is the Edge 305 incorporates a much more accurate barometric pressure based altimeter. The 205 uses GPS data for elevation, which is very inaccurate with errors up to 30 meters. When using a 205, we recommend you correct the elevation data from the unit using our elevation data to get the most accurate results.

Which file should I use?

An Edge 305 can use a TCX or a GPX Track. They all have their pros and cons, so read each description carefully to understand which file format is best for you. I would strongly recommend trying each format on a simple test route around your neighborhood in order to get a solid feel for the pros/cons before using it for actually navigating a ride.

GPX Track

Breadcrumb trail only, no turn notifications. This is a good format if you are interested in occasionally referencing the map, and getting notifications if you get off course. There are no actual turn notifications, so this is a bare bones format.


Cue sheet entries as well as a map breadcrumb. This format will show a map of your route and you will get notifications of you go off course. The preferred format for anyone loading a pre-planned route onto their Edge 305. Mandatory if you want to be alerted for cue sheet entries.

OK, so how do I get the file on my GPS?

Manually loading a file onto the Edge 305 is fairly straight forward, but requires Garmin Training Center or Basecamp.

If you are using a GPX, you’ll have to use Garmin Basecamp (free), since Training Center does not support GPX files.

Once transferred to the unit, you can start navigation by:
GPX Tracks will be available under the Navigation -> Routes.
TCX Courses will be available under Training-> Courses.

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