Group Live Logging is an awesome feature for our mobile apps. Now, when you and your friends are Live Logging and have joined the same group on the website, you can view each others current location in real time on your smartphones. This is a great tool for club ride-leaders to be able to view the location of riders in their pack, event organizers to see who’s out on the course, or for your everyday group ride and want to know where your friends are at. Group Live Logging brings a whole new aspect to social riding!

Our Premium and Basic subscribers unlock this feature for our iPhone and Android mobile apps.


Enabling Group Logging

  1. All riders must be members of the same Group or Club Account.
    • You can view your group membership by going to Home, Profile tab, then scroll down to the lower left corner to view your group membership. You can:
    • Click a group to view it’s members
    • Find a group to join
    • Create a group and invite your friends
  2. group-logging-groups
  3. Start a new ride and make sure Live Logging is enabled.

    After each rider has started Live Logging their location, they will automatically show up on each other’s ride screen. The update interval depends on each rider’s settings. This can range from every 30 seconds to 10 minutes which can be managed in your app settings.

  4. You can see that four members of the Ride with GPS group are Live Logging:

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