Export as File

To export the route for your Garmin or other stand-alone device, click MORE then EXPORT AS FILE.

Edit Details

To change the name of the route, the description, privacy, and other details:


You can then edit the description, name, surface type, privacy, activity type.

Click SAVE when you’re finished.

Map Settings

To hide or show POI markers or distance markers (metric coming soon):
Click the gear icon then the option you want to change.


Click ADD photos or drag them to the page to upload.


To view a Segment, click the name of the segment to see it highlighted on the route. Click the pulse icon to see full segment details.

Annotations, and Hills coming soon.

The Elevation Profile

Drag across the elevation profile to make a selection. You’ll get a balloon with stats for your selection like distance, elevation, average grade.

Learn more about the Elevation Profile on Routes