The Kyoto Trail - Kiyotaki to Route-61.

You can take the train from Kyoto Station to the Hozukyo Station and commence there. Or take the bus from Kyoto Station to the settlement of Kiyotaki. This is a very well maintained and signposted course. If you have a map of the course I suggest you follow the numbers on the signposts. If you don't have the map, just count the numbers on the posts. Bring plenty of food to eat and something to drink. Be careful if the ground is wet. Some awesome scenery. You need to plan how to return when you reach the end. There is a bus service that passes through here about 2:20pm. The bus-stop is opposite.

Starts in: 亀岡市, 京都府, JP
Distance: 18.4 km
Elevation: +571 / -513 m

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