The Rides page is a place to quickly find a ride or group of rides based on certain metrics, date range, location, and title.


You can use the dropdown options found at the top of the page to add filtering parameters. You can add multiple parameters, and remove them one by one by clicking the X within the blue box.


To sort your list of rides, use the Sort By dropdown. Here you can list rides by select details in ascending or descending order.

  • Use the Keyword and Location text search boxes to further refine your list of rides.
  • Keyword will search for words within the title.
  • Location will search within the selected distance of the starting location of the ride.
  • View ride details

    Click on the ride name or map thumbnail to open the ride in full view. Hover over the map thumbnail for a larger view of the ride map. Click the down carat for an expanded view of the ride map and details.

  • If your ride has photos saved to it, you can click a photo thumbnail to view your ride’s photos.
  • Click the pencil icon to open the ride edit page.
  • Click the trash can icon to delete the ride.
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