To learn about all the Tour account features for your Touring Company, we recommend going in this order:

Part 1: Tour Account Setup

Once you get a Tour account created, start here to learn how to add some details to the Tour page to describe it, add a logo, and start inviting members.

Part 2: The Route Library

Learn how to organize, tag, and sort your tour routes for your route staff and tour participants to use.

Part 3: Tour Events

Learn about the tools to create and manage events for your Touring Company.

Part 4: Inviting Tour Participants and Staff

Learn how to invite participants to your tours and give them the tools they need and how to add staff members to your account.

Part 5: Tour Account and Event Backups

Learn how to back up your Tour account and your events.

Tour Embeds

Learn how you can share interactive maps of your tours without allowing potential customers to access the full route.

To learn more about the Tour Operator account, contact Tour Support.