To learn about all the Tour account features for your Touring Company, we recommend going in this order:

Part 1: Tour Account Setup

Once you get a Tour account created, start here to learn how to add some details to the Tour page to describe it, add a logo, and start inviting members.

Part 2: The Route Library

Learn how to organize, tag, and sort your tour routes for your route staff and tour participants to use.

Part 3: Tour Events

Learn about the tools to create and manage events for your Touring Company.

Part 4: Inviting Tour Participants and Staff

Learn how to invite participants to your tours and give them the tools they need and how to add staff members to your account.

Part 5: Tour Account and Event Backups

Learn how to back up your Tour account and your events.

Tour Participants

Are you a Tour participant? Learn how to get the most out of your tour with the mobile app and other features.

To learn more about the Tour Operator account, contact Tour Support.