In partnership with the Adventure Cycling Association, all the routes in the U.S. Bicycle Route System will have navigation features unlocked for all users, including; Turn-by-Turn Voice Navigation and Offline Maps in our iOS and Android apps, Advanced Turn Notifications on TCX Courses, and PDF Maps + Cuesheets.

Exporting routes to a Garmin Device

Show how to Export Garmin File and put it on a device and “as part of the partnershop” advance turn notifications are unlocked.

  1. While viewing a route, click on the EXPORT tab in the right side panel.
  2. Click on one of the file types. In this example, I will select TCX COURSE.
    TCX is most common for the Garmin Edge Series. GPX for eTrex, Oregon, Montana, and many others.
  3. As part of the partnership with Adventure Cycling Association, the Advance Turn Notifications on TCX Course files are unlocked on all USBRS routes for all users.

  4. By default, my browser has placed the TCX Course file in my DOWNLOADS folder.
  5. Plug in your Garmin device into your computer via USB.
  6. Drag & drop or copy & paste the downloaded file into the Garmin > Garmin > NewFiles folder.

    eTrex, Oregon, GPX 6x series, and Montana series will have a folder called GPX instead of NewFiles.
  7. Eject the device from the Mac Finder or Windows Explorer.
    Simply unplugging the device from your computer without ejecting it may result in corrupt data on the device!
  8. Turn ON your Garmin and select your route to start navigating!
  9. Pinning a route on the website

    How to pin the route and Where to find it on the website and in the mobile app.

    1. While viewing a route on the website, click the Pin icon in the right side panel.
    2. You can find pinned routes again from your home page by clicking on Profile > Pinned
    3. In the mobile app for iPhone and Android: you’ll find the route again under the app drawer, PINNED

    Download the route for Offline use

    You can download the USBRS routes for offline use in the mobile app for iPhone and Android

    1. While viewing the route in the mobile app for iPhone or Android, tap the download icon
    2. Select Map and Route
    3. The route will start downloading map tiles. This may take a little while so leave the app open until these are all finished.
    4. You’ll find all your downloaded routes under AVAILABLE OFFLINE

    Start Navigation in the Mobile App

    Turn by Turn voice navigation is a paid feature that is unlocked for all users of the U.S. Bicycle Route System.

    1. To start navigation on the mobile app for iPhone and Android, first tap the name of the route to view it.
    2. iPhone: Menu > Ride This
      Android: Tap the start nav icon
    3. FAQ and Tips

      How long will my battery last?
      Depends on the age of your phone, how much you keep the screen on, temperature, and other factors. Most phones can record and navigate for and entire day of riding without having to charge.
      Do I need a paid subscription?
      Using the routes on the U.S. Bicycle Route System unlocks navigation in the mobile app but as soon as you copy the route to your own account or want to take advantage of other paid features like Live Logging then you will need to upgrade to a Basic or Premium account.
      The app is telling me I need a paid account to use the navigation feature.
      Routes that are owned by the USBRS and pinned by your account will not need a paid account. However, if you clicked “Copy to my routes” than you have your own copy that no longer has navigation or offline maps unlocked until you are a paid member.
      Why do I have to pin the route?
      By pinning the route, you’re always referencing the original route. So should the ACA have to make any changes to the route then you are always certain to get the most up-to-date information.
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